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For the longest time, I dealt with a congested and phlegmy throat - causing me to cough often and severely.


But I continued to dismiss it as allergies. 


The cough I endured was relentless, originating in the back of my throat due to phlegm, which led to intense and almost faint-inducing coughing spells. 


Despite numerous tests, it seemed to stem from phlegm without any apparent issues with my lungs, heart, or sinuses. 


I consulted with multiple doctors over the course of six months, but my condition showed no signs of improvement; in fact, it deteriorated. 


The discomfort was so severe that I couldn't sleep through the night, frequently waking up due to the persistent coughing. 


An entire year went by and I realized I had been sleeping in my guest bedroom, every single night.




Because my constant coughing was disrupting my wife's sleep.


I also noticed, I hadn’t been invited to my friends' poker nights, or gatherings anymore.




My friends grew concerned because of COVID as they’d often witness me struggling with persistent coughing, making them wonder if I might actually be unwell.

It was then that I realized I needed to unearth the root cause of this issue - myself.


This marked the beginning of my journey towards finding real answers for my cough. 


So, over the past decade I’ve committed myself to offering solutions deeply rooted in research and supported by the scientific community for any and all throat and breathing-related issues and ailments. 

I remain deeply devoted to the exploration and examination of critical factors that affect the well being of our entire respiratory system.


And now, my focus is on helping others achieve their best possible health.  


In fact, I host our poker nights now!


My buddies affectionately refer to me as 'Respiration Roger' these days, thanks to my frequent discussions about breathing, throat wellness, and effective phlegm remedies. 


Not to mention, I've had the opportunity to assist quite a few individuals in avoiding ventilators recently!


So please, allow me to share practical tips, methods, and solutions to keep you and your breathing and throat in excellent condition - phlegm and cough and disease free!

- Roger Jenkins

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